How Are My Targets Performing?

Measuring the success of your targets

Inside your Kicksta Dashboard under the targets section, you are able to see how your individual targets are performing.

The quality column represents the performance of that target account, which you can hover over them for more details.

Here is a break down of what the colors indicate:

  • Collecting Data: These are "new" target that we have not liked enough pictures yet to get an accurate data set and are in our initial testing phase.*
  • Green (4 or 5 bubbles): These "excellent" targets are your top performers and are giving you the best feedback.
  • Yellow (1, 2 or 3 bubbles): These "good" targets are still high performers and are giving you average feedback. We typically recommend only disabling these targets if they have 2 bubbles or less.

*Note: Targets may still be gray even if they were not added recently. This is because our system has not processed enough data from the target's followers to gain an accurate percentage.