How many followers should I expect?

Learn how Kicksta delivers organic results to clients across various industries!

In order to grow our client's accounts with 100% integrity, we do not promise any exact number of followers. This is the case for a couple of reasons.

First, our primary goal is always to grow your brand organically. We only strive to engage with real relevant users that would align with your brand - no fake followers allowed! 

While organic growth takes time, our process is the most sustainable and longterm. Any followers gained are genuinely interested and are ready to engage! 

Think of our process as a “virtual tap on the shoulder.”  It alerts that targeted users of your online presence and leaves the decision up to them whether to give you a follow.  

Here at Kicksta, we have worked with over 1,000 clients with accounts varying across demographics and industries. No account is alike and for reason, success and growth are completely subjective. 

High-quality content, consistent branding, and concentrated targeting are just a few factors at play when it comes to successful Instagram exposure. As such, there is no set number of followers guaranteed clients.