What do red exclamation points next to targets mean?

Red Exclamation Points show a target has become depleted.

The red exclamation points next to targets indicate that they are running out of steam.

This happens from time to time.

In order to give the system more data to work with, we recommend that you turn that specific target 'off' and replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

What's a target account?

How Instagram targets connect you with your ideal audience!

A target is an account, hashtag, or location that has the ideal following that you would like to attract and engage with! 

These accounts typically come in the form of competitors, complementary brands, influencers/bloggers, or similar products within your space. 

Kicksta then likes two photos from each user following those accounts on your behalf. What keeps it organic, is we always leave it up to the user to decide whether to follow your account! 

For ideas on how to pick the right targets for your brand, check out this quick video: https://kicksta.co/targeting