How do I pick targets accounts?

Finding the best target for your brand!

Targeting the right audience is crucial, because we will be directly interacting with people following your target account to attract them back to your page.

Simply put targets can be competitors, complementary brands, similar products within your space, etc. 

We encourage clients to get creative during the target selection process, but here is the top for qualities to look for in a good target:

  1. Between 10,000 and 500,000  Followers:  We recommend staying away from big name brands and celebrities  - the more niche the better!
  2. High Level of Engagement on Posts: Make sure they have active followers by checking out how many likes and comments they are getting on their posts relative to their follower size. If they have 100K followers and only averaging 10 likes per post, you'll know something is not quite right here.
  3. Similar Target Audience as Your Brand: The idea is to make your target's followers into your followers as well, so make sure there is some kind of common interest between your brand and targets you choose.

For example, let’s say you’re a women’s boutique looking to grow your Instagram following. Direct competitors like other boutiques, brands you carry, or influencers with a similar style would be a great starting point when selecting the right targets!  

For more on how to pick targets, check out this quick video: