How do I add a location as a target?

Instructions on how to add target locations in the Kicksta Dashboard.

Using a location as a target is great if you are looking for a localized clientele.

This strategy is specifically effective for restaurant or brick-and-mortar clients.

How it Works: We like pictures that are tagged at that specific location. Applying a location as a target does not mean we will only be liking from this specific location.

Do not think of this as a filter, but rather an additional targeting method to work alongside your other target accounts.

For the best results with location targeting:

1. Stay away from locations that are too general. It is crucial to pick an extremely specific area that your ideal target would be visiting AND tagging themselves at. 

For example, if you were looking to target in Southern California, rather than choosing

California you might select Downtown, San Diego.

2. Be aware of how many posts are associated with that location. If it is a high volume, the location might be too oversaturated. If the volume is too low, there might not be enough traffic to interact with.

For example, your store location might not be the best selection if you do not have a lot of foot traffic already. Instead, you might select a popular coffee shop nearby.

To add a location as a target, you'll need to log-in to your Kicksta Dashboard.

In the bottom left, there is an "Add Targets" section.

Select "Location":

You're all set! You've successfully added a target location.