How do I add a hashtag as a target?

Instructions on how to add hashtag(s) as a target in the Client Dashboard.

Using hashtags as targets are great if you really want to attract a niche audience.

How it Works: We like pictures with that specific hashtags on the post.

For the best results with hashtag targeting:

1. Stay away from hashtags that are too general. It is crucial to pick an extremely specific community-based hashtag.

For example, if you sold custom luggage, you could use the community hashtag #darlingescapes vs the much more generic choice #travel

2. Be aware of how many posts are associated with that hashtag. If it is a high volume, the hashtag might be too oversaturated.

For example, if you are a tattoo artist, you might pick the hashtag #inkaddict vs. simply #tattoo to get a more specific audience.

3. Stay away from technical terms or product descriptions. Again, you want to use hashtags that your audience would actually use on their post.

For example, if you owned a health food store you could use the hashtag #livingfit vs. a product hashtag like #proteinpowder

To add hashtags as targets, you'll need to log-in to your Kicksta Dashboard.

In the bottom left, there is an "Add Targets" section.

Select "Hashtag":

And there you go! A hashtag has officially been added to your target list.