Does posting more frequently improve results?

How often should I be posting on Instagram in order to see good results with Kicksta?

In order to see the best results with the service, it’s important you stay actively posting on Instagram. We’ve found that accounts that post at least 3x a week see better results. (Most major brands post an average of 1.5 times per day!). 

The more frequently you post, the more likely it is that new users will be able to see your content. As Kicksta drives traffic to your account, you want those potential followers to see that you are active and engaging. 

This also includes staying active on Instagram Stories! Don’t neglect this feature, as it is just as important as posting on your page.

When you should post depends on your audience. What days and times are your followers most active? If you have a business profile, check out Instagram Insights to find out this information. 

If you’re not already posting at least 3 times a week, start brainstorming new content ideas to schedule into your calendar. 

The more active you stay, the more growth you will see!