The growth is too slow...

"I am not seeing activity or growth on my account."

You may not see growth happen right away, and we want to assure you that is normal and it does not mean we are not working on your account. We just ramp things up slowly (see graph below).

Since the service is organic, it is up to the end user to follow you or not. For this reason, growth really varies from account to account.

Some people do see growth happen pretty quick, while others it takes a little bit of time to get going.

As we engage with the target list, you will learn which targets are converting the best and bringing you in the most followers (based on the quality scores presented in the portal).

Once we begin engaging with targets that convert, you will see growth happen quicker. 

Keep adjusting and refreshing the target list to find the best-performers, and take note of what types of targets are doing well.

No matter what, we are still liking photos and driving traffic to your page, it is just a matter of finding the right audience!