Instagram blocked me

"Instagram sent me a notification that I am blocked."

If you have received a notification on Instagram stating your account has been blocked for 24hrs from performing actions, we want to assure you that your account is not at any risk.

This is a message we have seen internally from the API over the last year. It is affecting some accounts using our service as well as individuals performing likes on their own without using any service.

We have always considered this a "soft block" on liking and we adjust your liking speed going forward until we find the optimal speed.

Now that they have decided to make this message public within the app, please be aware that this is likely to be common over the next few weeks until we figure out the optimal rate for our engagement. 

Why Am I Blocked?

The most common reason for the block is because photos were being liked too rapidly. This can happen when you are using automation, or when you are liking manually. 

It is important to note that certain accounts are more susceptible to the block than others. This is due to the “trust score” of your account - similar to that of a credit score. 

For example, accounts that are newly created or have used previous inorganic methods (i.e. bought followers), are less trusted in Instagram’s eyes. 

What Can I Do?

All that we ask from your side is to limit or not perform any likes during this period of time so that we know the variables involved during our testing.

When you are using the app, try to perform as many “human-like” actions as you can (things a bot can’t do) so that Instagram does not see you as spam.

This includes things like:

  • Viewing Stories in your feed
  • Liking comments on posts
  • Save posts in your feed (using Save Posts tool)
  • Posting regularly to your page and Story!!

What is Kicksta Doing?

We are working on finding an ideal speed for your account so that the notification does not arise when you are logged into Instagram.

As we test out different speeds and configurations that fit your specific account, please keep in mind that any activity on your end might still trigger this block. 

We have implemented a few techniques to even further “humanize” the way we like - such as activating night mode, where we do not interact during sleeping hours of your given time-zone. 

Again, we can assure you that your account isn't at any risk and we will continue to grow and engage with your target audience.