"We Noticed a New Login"

"Instagram notified us of a new log-in attempt on our account."

Occasionally you may get a notification from Instagram informing you of a log-in attempt on your account. 

This is sent out when we need to gain access to the account, and Instagram requires that you verify our attempt. This is required so that we are able to like photos on your behalf. 

We do send out an email to notify you when this happens, so you know that the attempt is from us.

Please click "this was me" if given the option and you should be all set.

If this message gets to you late and you have already denied the log-in, please let us know as we will have to reset your account.

Typically, you won't have to reset your password, but if you are requested to by Instagram, please be sure to update your Instagram password in your Kicksta Dashboard as well.