Why is this photo being liked?

A description of how we interact with images and what filters we use to target your ideal audience.

The way our service works is we like two pictures of the people following your target accounts. 

For example, if I was following one of your targets, I would get 2 likes from you that would bring me back to your page.

We also have a large number of filters in place that help you reach your ideal target audience such as: 

  • Account's last post needed to be 90 days ago or less
  • Follower range for account needs to be between 20-8,000
  • Following range for account needs to be between 20-8,000
  • Account needs at least 1% engagement on their pics
  • No business profiles so you only connect with end-users
  • Account's 12th post needs to be 4 days or older so they aren't a spammer
  • The account needs to have at least 12 photos posted. This gets rid of a lot of spam accounts that post a few pics and we have seen a trend with these being poor accounts.

That being said, we cannot control the type of content that people post to their own personal Instagram accounts. Occasionally, a few off-brand photos may slip through if the user matches ALL of the criteria above.

Here are some improvements we can make to help narrow your audience.  

1. Adjust Your Filters: We can turn on the filters and tweak the standard settings to ignore all non-English speaking filters and decreasing the range of followers they are allowed to have. Please just be aware that this can greatly reduce the number of people we have to interact with so you may need to add targets more often.

2. Switch Up Your Targets: Typically the more niche the following, the more the posted image content matches your brand. Here's a short video on some of our guidelines for picking target: https://kicksta.co/targeting

If after watching this video you would like to make changes to your target list, you can do so on your Kicksta Dashboard under "My targets":

Let us know if you have any questions at [email protected].