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How to set up your first Instagram Account

Last updated on Nov 15, 2023

Welcome to Kicksta- Let’s start growing! Setting up your account takes just a few minutes and can be done from any device. 🚀

First thing's first - Your account setup can be completed on your dashboard, so make sure you’re logged into your Kicksta account before reading further.

1. Connect your Instagram account

The first and most important step is to connect your Instagram account to our system. You can do this by clicking on the “Connect Account” button on the banner at the top of your screen. This banner will also show up if your account ever gets disconnected from Kicksta.

Clicking the button will open up a secure popup to log in your Instagram account and connect it with our system.

Since this will be your first time connecting with our servers, you may get a prompt in your Instagram app to confirm if this was really you logging in. Our servers are located in Europe, Belgrade, Serbia. Make sure to click “This was me” on your IG app, and you will be connected in no time.

2. Set up your Targeting

Once your account is connected, we're ready to start engaging with your targeted audience, but first we need to know who they are. You can tell us what types of followers you want to get by adding what we call “Targets”.

Targets are Accounts and Hashtags that your audience is interested in and likely to engage with. We will use those Targets as a reference when deciding what profiles to follow and unfollow in order to grow your Instagram account. We never unfollow users you were following before signing up. 👍

Start off by adding about 10-15 targets by clicking the Add Target button:

Think about what types of accounts have an audience that will be interested in seeing your content, and what hashtags that audience would post on their Instagram.

Every profile is unique so make sure you're only adding relevant targets.

  • Targeting by Account 🔍 : We will target and engage with users that are following that specific account. For best results, consider adding industry influencers and relevant competitors.

  • Targeting by Hashtag #️⃣ : We will target and engage with users that posted the hashtag you targeted. Consider adding specific hashtags that only your ideal follower would post.

Everyone we find based on your targets will also be Filtered out to make sure they’re a high quality account that matches your preferences.

Filters let you select what types of targeted accounts we should engage with. This includes their number of Followers, Followings, Posts and whether the accounts should be Public or Private. You can preview and change your filter settings by clicking the Filters button. 📈

3. Monitor your Activity and watch your profile grow!

Your dashboard home has all the stats you could ever want. This includes your total growth over time, interactions done by our system, and a lot more.

In addition to all the stats on your home page, you can also browse statistics for individual Targets, and preview exactly which accounts are queued up for our system to engage with in the next batch of interactions.

And that's it! We hope you’re ready for Instagram greatness, because we plan on getting you there. For any additional questions, you can consult your Onboarding Manager, or contact our support team.

Welcome aboard - let’s shoot for the stars! 🚀